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Your Local, Independent, Farm Animal Veterinarian

in the Manawatu


Lisa provides full animal health services to small block holders and farms.

With 12 years of experience in the profession, you can be assured your animals are being seen by someone with the skills to deal with any problems your animals may be facing. 

Whether it is a cow, goat, sheep, pig or alpaca - Lisa can help with the treatment and prevention of illness in these species.

  • Sick Animal Examinations
  • Preventative Animal Health Plans
  • Field Surgery
  • Ultrasound Examination On-farm
  • Hoof Trimming
  • Lameness Investigation and Treatment
  • Mastitis Investigation
  • Diagnostic Testing - spore counting, milk culture, nitrate testing, FECAL EGG COUNTS
  • On-farm Euthanasia and Post-mortem

About Lisa

Lisa has been a veterinarian for over 12 years. During this time, she has worked with all production animal species on a day-to-day basis , and has gained extensive knowledge having worked in a production animal hospital alongside specialists from around the world. 

She completed her Masters in Veterinary Medicine with Distinction, in 2017. Papers which contributed to this included Mastitis, Lameness, Reproduction and Epidemiology, and her thesis was a comparison of long-acting and short-acting dry cow therapy in cows where internal teat sealants were used at dry-off.

Lisa is an advocate for increasing the use of ultrasound on-farm to gain more accurate diagnosis and help lead to improved outcomes for large animal patients. 

She loves writing and has written many scientific and educational articles for veterinarians and the general public to disseminate knowledge on animal health. She currently writes a monthly column for the NZ Dairy Exporter.



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